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In England since 1837 all births, marriages and deaths were recorded centrally for the whole nation. Before that time they were recorded in parish registers, or not at all in some cases. For family historians, like myself, this central record is a real gift. Once you get the hang of searching the indexes for your ancestors ordering the certificates is simple and can be done on-line direct from the General Records Office for a fee of £7 a throw. Certificates are subject to copy wright so officially displaying scanned copies on a blog or web site would be in violation of that. Shareing the details on the certificates, however, is perfectly OK. I have included details of all the certificates I have and I will continue to update it as I obtain more. Please add details of any you have for others to share.

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Deaths - Surnames starting S

Stallion Mary - died 21st May 1865 age 68 - Edmonton, Middlesex, UK
Stallion William - died 20th Aug 1856 age 74 - Edmonton, Middlesex, UK
Storey Gladys Lillian - died 1st June 1990 - Dartford, Kent, UK
Storey James - died 19 May 1894 age 58 - St Bartholomew's Hosp, City of London, UK
Storey James - died 12 Feb 1919 age 61 - North Camberwell, London, UK
Story Henry - died 7th May 1850 age 61 - Plomesgate Union workhouse, Wickham Mkt, Suffolk
Storey Squire James 12th March 1933 - Romsey, Hampshire, UK
Story (Button) Honor died 1st July 1842 age age 42 - Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK

Please add a comment and a link to any certificates you have.

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